Message from President



Hello, and welcome to Putra Business School.

Quality human beings, both leaders and members are indeed the main essence of peaceful and excellent communities.  In a similar manner, successful entities and corporations are results of dedicated employees and corporate leaders. Realizing the significance and importance of this, as a CEO and President, I shall ensure PBS continues the struggle to produce competent graduates and human leaders with preferred human qualities and attributes.

Let us all work together towards becoming a role model institution and a show case for human governance.  This will materialize the human governance concepts to be well embraced and understood and fully observed in our daily actions, interaction and dealings with all parties including students, colleagues, neighbours and the overall public.

To all enrolling students, prospective students, academicians, employees, alumni members, parents, those in the industries and communities, I truly appreciate and value your interest, support and enthusiasm.

We are committed to offer the best post graduate business education. AACSB and ABEST21 accreditations prove our strong commitment for quality education.

Collective efforts from everyone are very important to ensure continued progress and success. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to all staff, teachers and students who have been part of the important contribution towards the success and progress of PBS.

I truly hope the passion and strive will continue to ensure our continued progress and greater achievement in providing quality education and producing human leaders.


Thank you.

Zulkornain Yusop