Putra Student Association


Putra Student Association (PSA) is the official student-led organization that represents all students of PBS.

Since 2013, the main goal of PSA has been to enhance students’ post-graduate experiences, by representing their true interests. PSA believes every student is capable of meeting his or her potential, not only through academic achievements but also through such rewarding experiences as community service and participation in a wide range of events and projects.

Among the activities pioneered by PSA are academic services, such as secretarial services for the Asian Journal of Case Research (AJCR), retail services such as the ongoing human governance-based Open Vending Project, tutorial services, and the souvenir business, to name a few.


PSA will endeavor to support all student-led, human governance-oriented enhancement projects. Indeed, PSA launched the “Coins for Change Project”, which solicits students’ loose coins in order to fund a series of small-scale businesses for the poor and disenfranchised. The aim of the project is to encourage students to do something, however small, for the less fortunate. Additionally, PSA has organized and sponsored several social activities, including sports competitions, hiking trips, overseas university visits, and the annual PBS Student Appreciation Night.

Currently, PSA is in its 5th cycle of operations, and is led by a team of four office-bearers, including comprising the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and 9 other exco members, each holding a specific portfolio.